15-year-old speaks out about recovery two years after she was hit by car

See how the teen is recovering after the driver who hit her was never caught

More than two years after she was injured, London Banks said the recovery has been hard for her.

She’s now 15 and the Astros fan is able to sit with family and watch the team in the World Series.

Shandr’a Mosley-Banks said her daughter, who was 13 at the time, suffered brain and spinal injuries after she was hit by a car while walking on Ella Boulevard in 2019.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the driver left the scene without stopping.

“Her rehab has been very extensive and it continues,” Shandr’a said. “We’re still doing rehab. I mean, most people have gotten the story and went on with their lives, but we’re still working really hard to get the best quality of life possible for her.”

According to Shandr’a, the driver was never caught.

“It really enrages me as a mom, as a person, as a citizen that we are not holding people accountable for what they do,” the mother said.

But she said she gained some new perspective.

“One thing I love about my daughter is that she’s teaching me that a disability is not an inability and so she is very determined and very focused on making sure she has the most normal life possible,” Shandr’a said.

Win or lose, London said the Astros help motivate her.

“I think I’m being my best self that I can be so that’s all I have to do,” London said. “Be the best me and that’s a win.”