Thieves who were possibly looking for World Series merch stole $30,000 worth of blank t-shirts from printing company

Thieves seeking Astros World Series gear

HOUSTON – Police said the thieves were in and out of the printing company’s warehouse in 15 minutes.

Sunline Products T-shirt company vice president, Scott Car, said the thieves blacked out several cameras with spray paint but didn’t notice a hidden camera, which caught their vehicle leaving.

Carr said the thieves knew exactly what they were after.

“They just went to town and grabbed every box that they could,” he said.

Around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, a white truck pulled into the company’s parking lot. Carr said just as one of the cameras started to zoom in on the vehicle, one of the thieves jumped out and spray painted the lense.

“We feel like they were watching us because they knew exactly when to hit and exactly when to be out of there,” said Carr.

They believe the thieves were looking for World Series Astros gear because they are hot this time of year. But Carr said there wasn’t anything there with a Houston Astros logo on it.

“We print as needed, so when we get the go-ahead we begin production. So, what they got was blank product labeled and tagged ready to go, but without an official Astros logo,” added Carr.

Each box contained more than 100 shirts worth about $720 per box.

Carr said they lost about $30,000.00 worth of blank T-shirts.

“They emptied out a lot of boxes and just loaded the truck, and at the end, they just started grabbing boxes,” said Carr.

But just like the Astros, they may be down, but they’re not out.

“They’re going to come in and try to steal the thunder and make a quick buck but they can’t ruin a city like Houston. They can’t ruin the mood.”

Carr said when the Astros win the next two games, that’s when they will begin production for World Series gear.

They will now have extra police officers outside the building.

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