Astros superfans go viral on social media after being spotted at World Series dressed as astronauts

Joe Silvernail and Sarah Back of New Braunfels were in Atlanta representing the Astros as nothing other than astronauts! In fact, some people on social media are saying they saved the postseason.

You may have seen the pair on your television Sunday night.

Silvernail and Back both dressed in Astros orange spacesuits, showing our Stros’ plenty of love during Game 5 of the World Series.

“We came back. We were down 4-0. Don’t let her fool you. She’s that loud and intense at home watching the game. She brings it every single time. Why not? you got to be passionate about something,” Silvernail and Back said.

KPRC 2 talked to the couple Monday afternoon via FaceTime while they were still in Atlanta showing off their team spirit.

“Sit down! Every time they got a strike I’d yell sit down,” Back said. “Everyone wanted to hate us, but they couldn’t. We looked so ridiculous, they couldn’t hate us,” Silvernail said.

They both said the internet can be a cruel place sometimes, but not this day.

“Sarah is now trending on Twitter and TikTok. It’s amazing! Our phone has been blowing up all day,” Silvernail said.

One tweet read, “These two embody the whole city right now #FortheH.

Another tweet said, “This is legendary.”

One tweet even credited Sarah for the team winning the game.

“It’s been nothing but love! Astros nation is awesome,” Back said.

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