Richmond community demands change after 9-year-old struck by vehicle while riding bike to school

The child was hit by a truck while riding his bike to school

RICHMOND – A Richmond community gave a fourth-grade student a warm welcome home Friday after he was hit by a pickup truck and hospitalized earlier in the week.

Neighbors and students in the Pecan Grove Elementary community stopped by after school Friday to share well wishes with Anthony Orsorto. The group also surprised the 9-year-old with a new bike, matching helmet, and $450, which was raised by 25 families.

Anthony was released from a hospital Thursday afternoon after he was hit by a pickup truck Wednesday morning while riding his bike to school for tutorials. The accident happened around 7 am. Al Cerda, Anthony’s grandfather, said it was dark. Cerda said he was standing outside their home, a block away from the Pitts and Plantation Streets intersection, when he witnessed the entire crash.

“When I saw the headlight, I saw him (Anthony) maneuver his way across the street, and all of a sudden, the truck, it didn’t see him, and it took off,” Cerda said. “Not even seconds I heard the clash.”

Cerda said he ran over and noticed the driver was underneath the truck helping Anthony.

“He was very apologetic, and I told him, ‘Sir, regardless, it’s not your fault. I witnessed everything. I saw you make a complete stop,’” said the grandfather.

Anthony miraculously survived with only a fractured leg and cut above his knee. Cerda said he laid hands on his grandson and said a prayer. First responders told Cerda that the backpack Anthony was wearing shielded him from more serious injuries.

“It’s a souvenir to him because this is what saved him,” Cerda said holding up the backpack.

Cerda and several neighbors who have children that attend Pecan Grove said the students encounter a lot of traffic at the intersection Anthony was struck. They said the few street lamps that are in the area are very dull when students are walking or riding their bikes to school.

“I only would request and wish that those lamps up there would be a lot brighter than what they are and they would do some crossing lanes, crossing lines,” Cerda added.

Cerda said he’s concerned another child may get hit when clocks turn back an hour in November for Daylight Saving Time.

Fort Bend County ISD and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the crash. The pickup driver has not been charged.