Longtime Houston DJ hypes up fans inside Minute Maid Park during postseason games

HOUSTON – A longtime Houston DJ has become the first DJ to get fans pumped up inside Minute Maid Park during postseason games.

On Thursday morning, Johnny “Bravo” Holloway organized an Astros party at his neighborhood bus stop.

“This is amazing, I love dancing and so I love when there’s music and it brought everyone together,” said neighbor Hieu Schoonover.

Holloway got the kids and parents dancing, along with a pair of Shooting Stars.

Many of them were dressed in their Astros orange!

“We thought it would be fun to continue practicing and get them ready to win tonight in Game 6 against those Red Sox,” said Holloway.

For the first year, the Astros has a live DJ playing during the postseason games.

“When they (fans) see live entertainment on the stage, at the gas pump in the outfield, and 15 to 30 people around us just going crazy with high energy and the zoom out and you see it on El Grande, the big screen, when you see it on El Grande, you just know it’s gonna be a party,” said Holloway.

Holloway said his goal is to keep the fans and players hype all game long.

“It’s split-second decision, one or two seconds, have the music playing, have it cued up, that you know 50,000 fans are going to go nuts, you gotta go crazy, you got to have the song ready,” he said. “To have the honor to be at the pump, to play in front of all of the Astros fans, is one of my favorite honors.”

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