Debris cleared from ‘chronic illegal dumping site’ in northwest Houston neighborhood

Neighbors in one northwest neighborhood are worried
Neighbors in one northwest neighborhood are worried

Houston – The city of Houston said trash and debris that stretched down part of Mansfield Street near T C Jester Boulevard has been cleaned up.

“I was amazed,” said neighbor Dana Blankenship. “It’s been building for months and months, and so I was kind of excited.”

On Tuesday, there were mattresses, tires, pieces of furniture and other items left along the side of the street. On Wednesday, they were gone.

“We just want to live in a clean place,” Blankenship said.

He first showed us junk along that same section of road back in May.

After Blankenship pointed out even more stuff this week, KPRC 2 contacted the city’s Solid Waste Management Department. They told us a supervisor was heading out to the site and later followed up to say the area had been cleaned up.

“I’m glad that they’re aware of it, and maybe that they’ll send them out a little more often to check on things,” Blankenship said.

The city said it’s called out to clean the area every month and referred to it as a “chronic illegal dumping site.”

Blankenship said he would like to see cameras installed. With the construction of new homes nearby, he also hopes having more people in the area will discourage anyone who might think about leaving stuff on the side of the road.

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