Spencer Solves It helps Houston man who lost his fingers, toes due to an infection

Bill Spencer is helping him get prosthetics

HOUSTON – When watching Billy Darrond Delaney working in the kitchen and making breakfast, it’s hard to believe that for four years he has been living and coping with a tremendous loss.

After developing a deadly infection in 2017, Billy lost all of his fingers on both hands, and in fact, he nearly lost his life.

”The doctors used what they call a vasopressor to save my life. The vasopressor is supposed to pull all of the blood to the center of your body. So when they did that, all of my extremities died,” Billy said.

At that point, Billy lost all of his toes and fingers to an infection and blood loss and had to have all of his toes and fingers amputated.

For the next several months, Billy was in the hospital learning to walk all over again.

As for his hands, they were mangled and he was unable to do much of anything with them.

Billy said he felt devastated and lost.

But through his health insurance provider and a prosthetics company, Billy was fitted for a set of mechanical fingers so he could continue a normal life.

The problem is, those prosthetic fingers looked good, but they were absolutely worthless.

“The fingers they promised me did not work at all. When I tried to grab something, they would actually just fold back. I could not pick up anything. I could not grip anything. Worthless,” Billy said.

Despite Billy’s attempts to get a working set of prosthetic fingers, he said the prosthetics company that built the mechanical fingers just gave him nothing but excuses and broken promises while his hands remained mangled.

His spirit was collapsing.

“I would find myself crying because I realize what happened, and it was horrible. It was a life-changing time for me”, Billy said.

That’s when Billy contacted Spencer Solves It for help.

Right away, the Spencer Solves It team went to work to find a prosthetic limb provider that would go the extra mile to help someone like Billy at no cost.

Now, working with the dedicated prosthetics professionals at Unlimited Prosthetics Inc, located in southwest Houston, we are going to see to it that Billy is fitted for and receives a state-of-the-art set of working mechanical fingers that will give him his life and his freedom back.

Leading that team of life-changing workers will be company president Erika Sanchez, the owner of Unlimited Prosthetics.

“We love doing prosthetics. We love being able to change somebody’s life for the better. This is what we do,” Sanchez said.

Now, the complete project, which is to give Billy his life back, will take six months of painstaking work, precise measurements, and the development of a set of fingers that can be attached to what is left of his hands so he can gain his function back.

Billy said it’s an absolute blessing from God.

“Bill, my life was changed four years ago, and you can help me change it again. I just can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how much it means to me,” Billy said.

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