‘Our district is in serious trouble’: Wharton ISD teachers concerned about safety after being assaulted by students on campus

Teachers said they are now scared for their safety

Wharton – According to at least one teacher in Wharton ISD, conditions at the junior high and high school are bad and in danger of getting more out of hand.

The teacher asked to not be identified, but the district has addressed a few of her concerns -- including the incident that left a teacher with bruises on her leg and marks on her hand from a pencil attack from a student who allegedly threatened the lives of teachers and fellow students.

“(He was) saying that he was going to kill everyone on campus,” the teacher who spoke to KPRC 2 said.

Several teachers told KPRC 2 the student was in a math class on Sept. 23 when he made the threat to a substitute. Hearing the commotion, another teacher came to help and a struggle between that teacher and the student ensued when they saw the student reached for his backpack.

“He’s hurting her, and so, she lets go of one of his hands and it happens to be the hand with the pencil in it,” said the unidentified teacher. “So he starts stabbing her other hand.”

That’s not their only concern. This past Friday we are told a high school coach was attacked by his own players during halftime.

“When they were in the locker room, the coach was giving his little speech during halftime,” said the unidentified teacher. “When he turned around, one of the students punched him in the face and one or two other boys joined in.”

In a statement to KPRC 2, a Warton ISD spokesperson said: “We’re aware of two incidents that have been investigated and appropriate actions are in the process of being taken.”

In the meantime, teachers believe problems will persist if they’re unable to assign students to detention or even send them to the principal’s office.

“We have no discipline,” said the unidentified teacher. “Our superintendent said we are not allowed to give out discipline.”

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