Houston Newsmakers: Houston attorney ‘a driving force’ behind tribute to Lyndon B. Johnson

Newest Houston park and monument highlights 38th U.S. president

LBJ Statue in Downtown Houston (KPRC)

“It took a hundred years before the dreams and efforts of Presidents Lincoln and Grant were fully realized.”

Those were the words of Houston attorney Charles Foster who was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Lyndon B. Johnson Monument in Houston.

Foster says it was the policies of President Johnson that made the biggest impact in the areas of public accommodation, voting rights and housing. Foster also points to Johnson policies being responsible for the increase in immigration.

“We’re the most diverse community in the United States. That was not Houston before President Johnson passed the Immigration act,” he said.

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Midtown Redevelopment partners to help 1st time home buyers

What does it take for someone to buy a home for the first time?

Help from a unique partnership between the Midtown Redevelopment Authority and the Center for Civic Public Policy Improvement.

“It is a great example of what can happen when you really assertively try to make a difference to families that don’t have the jillions of dollars to buy all of the upscale housing,” said Algenita Scott Davis, the Housing Program manager for CCPPI.

Their collaboration with Cole Klein Builders is a big reason for the success of the program.

“Our goal is to change the narrative of affordable housing,” said Vanessa Cole. “So we put in custom build cabinets. We did little statement doors throughout. We just tried to give it a different feel, a feel that makes you take pride in your home.”

What are the requirements to get into the program? See more on this week’s program.

“Stronger Houston” focus on Autism and program for at-risk boys

This week we take a look back at two of our recent “Stronger Houston” reports. Anchor-Reporter Jonathan Martinez profiles the Howdy Ice Cream store that provides job training support for people with Autism.

Also, Anchor-Reporter Andy Cerota takes a look at an Alief ISD Assistant Principal pushing at-risk boys to succeed!

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