Racist graffiti found in Crosby High School bathroom, district now investigating

The district is now investigating

Crosby ISD is investigating a case that has concerned students and parents at Crosby High School.

The district sent out a letter to parents informing them about “derogatory racial remarks” written on Crosby High School bathroom tiles.

Now, the district is asking parents to talk with their students and remain vigilant in observing and reporting suspicious behavior.

“It’s disgraceful. Where are people’s values anymore,” said Crosby ISD parent Gail Schmidt.

Winn’s two daughters who go to Crosby High School let him know about harmful and racist messages written on the tiles of a school bathroom. Messages that included phrases like, “Whites Only,” “No Blacks Allowed,” and “Pick my cotton,” among other written derogatory phrases, according to students and photos now circulating on social media.

“They said in the boys’ bathroom every single stall had something different on it,” said Crosby ISD parent Bo Winn.

In a letter to parents, Crosby ISD said the graffiti was discovered this week:

We need to make you aware of an incident that happened at Crosby High School this week. A bathroom was vandalized with derogatory racial remarks. Campus administration is investigating. Remember, any student involved in vandalism of any kind in our schools will be held to the strictest disciplinary action.

Everything about this incident goes against what Crosby ISD stands for. On our campuses, we teach respect for all people and property. This could likely be part of a wider trend on social media encouraging teenagers to vandalize school bathrooms. Regardless of the motivation, destruction of school property is illegal and disrespectful. Students who choose to participate in this behavior will be disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct and could be required to pay restitution for the property damage.

We need everyone to assist us in being vigilant. Please discuss this incident with your students and remind them that they can report any suspicious activity to campus administration, or the deputies assigned to their school. Their identities will be kept confidential. This is a moment that can become a teaching opportunity about respecting property and people. We appreciate your help because it will take all of us to create a safe place for all students and allow us to remain focused on teaching and learning.

Many parents were outraged.

“Those kinds of slurs, I don’t raise my children that way and it’s a good thing that my sons have already graduated because I would be very upset if they were exposed to that,” Winn said. “I think the kids that are doing it need to be held responsible, and I think their punishments need to fit, for lack of a better term, their crime.”

Winn said they hope the district can hold the students who committed this accountable for their actions.

“As a mother, I’m just going to refer to it as the N-word and kids are just right and left dropping it,” Schmidt said. “I’m a parent to two biracial children and [that language] is not a good thing. It’s not tolerated.”