‘This was terrifying’: Parents, students reunite after shooting at YES Prep

Families were relived to reunite after the shooting

HOUSTON – Parents, siblings, and friends were emotional as they waited at a staging area at West Fuqua and Hiram Clarke to be reunited with students.

At about 1 p.m. students and loved ones were finally able to run into each other’s arms.

“It just hits you. You just start crying, you start shaking and you just get sad,” said freshman Diego Hernandez.

Hernandez, like many students, spoke with KPRC 2 and said he was grateful to be alive.

“This was terrifying. It’s definitely going to stick with me awhile,” said 10th-grader Fausto Montes.

Freshman Destiny Arias recounted the moments she was alerted about the active shooter situation.

“As I was coming down the stairs, I saw drops of blood so I panicked and I came out the school with my hands up. I couldn’t find my brother, so I felt nervous and started crying,” she explained.

Arias’ mom Analidia was visibly shaken.

“It’s devastating. It’s so hard. You see it on TV, but when it hit’s you you’re like ‘Oh my God. I never thought it would happen to me,’” said Analidia Arias.

Houston police said there were around 1,000 students in the school when the shooting occurred.

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