This city near Houston is paying less on gas than most in Texas, AAA says

Prices at the pump. (WPLG)

HOUSTON – Residents in the Lone Star State are lucky enough to pay less on unleaded gasoline than the national average, according to a report by AAA.

Currently, the national average is $3.19 a gallon, while Texas drivers are paying $2.82, the second-lowest gas price average in the country.

Residents in Victoria, southwest of Houston on U.S. 59, are paying the lowest of all over the state with $2.73 per gallon, AAA says. Meanwhile, Houston’s average gas price is $2.77.

Those who drive up north to Odessa will find themselves paying more than the state average with $2.98 per gallon.

Mississippi has the least expensive state gas price average with $2.82, tied with Texas. Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma also reported gas prices lower than the state average.

AAA says drivers should expect prices to increase due to demand and recovery from tropical weather.

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