Spring ISD mother upset after she says school officer ‘choke slammed’ her son on the ground

Mother says she's upset over what happened after the fight

HOUSTON – A Spring ISD mother is upset and concerned after she says an officer at Westfield High School choke slammed her son and held him on the ground for two minutes.

Ciera Brooks’ son was involved in a fight with another student inside of the school on Sept. 24. She said the district handled the situation badly and the officer needs to be held accountable.

The fight was recorded on camera and it’s something that replays over and over in Brook’s mind.

“The video shows my son being choked slammed to the ground,” she said.

Brooks says her son was diagnosed with ADHD and he’s borderline bipolar.

“He struggles and has a hard time trying to fit in and be normal,” she said.

The 15-year-old was suspended after being involved in a fight last week. Brooks says another student assaulted her son and he tried to defend himself.

In the video, Brooks said a teacher pulled the student back and the security officer grabbed her son.

“He picked him up by his neck. He wasn’t resisting or anything, and out of nowhere he slammed him to the ground and laid on top of him for at least two minutes,” Brooks said.

KPRC 2 reached out to Spring ISD for answers. The district sent the following statement:

“An altercation between two Westfield High School students occurred on campus on Friday, Sept. 24, in which an officer intervened. While one student disengaged from the incident, the second student continued to try to re-engage with the first student, despite the officer’s instructions to stop. At that point, the officer restrained the second student. An investigation of the incident was completed, and both students were suspended per the Student Code of Conduct. Spring ISD takes any altercations very seriously, and we do not tolerate disruptions of any kind on our campuses, as the safety of our students and our staff is always our top priority.”

Brooks said the way the security officer handled her son was unacceptable and he needs to be held accountable.

“You could have simply held my son. You could have put him in a bear hug. The situation could have been avoided,” she said.

Brooks said her son complied with the orders. She said she’s going to fight this and plans to hire an attorney.

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