Judge Lina Hidalgo to present resolution to commissioners court denouncing what she calls a ‘sham audit’ of 2020 election

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said she's presenting a resolution denouncing the 2020 election audit at Tuesday's commissioners court meeting.

At Tuesday’s commissioners court meeting, Judge Hidalgo will present a resolution denouncing the 2020 election audit.

Hidalgo said during the event that the audit is a “sham” and is a draw on taxpayer dollars that is politically-motivated and lends credence to conspiracy theories.

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“Right now the secretary of state in the message he put out had a sentence that insinuated that the legislature would pay for the audit, and so that is why I am calling on legislators to not fund the audit,” she said. “Ultimately we’re saying that the secretary of state -- really Gov. Abbott -- is insinuating that the legislature will pay for this, but the legislature -- it’s taxpayer dollars, right, it’s taxpayer dollars that would go to an audit that’s very clearly politically-motivated, very clearly corrosive to the democracy that we all have built and yeah, I mean, we’re over here, at the same time, talking about how we need to offer funding for the Food Bank so people can eat, so is this an appropriate use of funds, no, is it an appropriate use of these legislators and elected officials’ credibility, no it’s embarrassing. It really is a parody of itself, it’s hard to believe that this is a thing.”

Hidalgo said the audit will not likely be “cheap” endeavor, and called attention to the potential for other costs that could come up as the process happens.

Hidalgo and Commissioner Rodney Ellis also addressed a plan for an additional 11 million meals for the Houston Food Bank.

KPRC 2's Brittany Jeffers takes a look at plans to provide 11 million meals for the Houston Food Bank.

Watch the full news conference in the video above.

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