Suspect’s defense attorney asks for ‘fair trial’ in shooting of New Orleans police detective, his friend

HOUSTON – Frederick Jackson’s defense attorney is asking for a fair trial for his client.

Jackson, 19, is charged with capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the deadly shooting of New Orleans police detective Everett Briscoe at a Galleria restaurant.

Jackson is facing a second capital murder charge in which prosecutors are planning to present to a grand jury. Briscoe’s friend, Dyrin Riculfy, was also shot during the incident. He died from his injuries days later after being in critical condition.

Jackson’s attorney says the severity of the charges is just beginning to sink in. For capital murder, the punishment is life in prison or death.

“Everyone on the defense team, prayers go out to the families of both men. We’re simply trying to make sure that our client gets the fairest trial possible in a place that has not had a history of fair trials,” said Patrick McCann.

A committee created by the district attorney will decide if they pursue the death penalty. Prosecutors say Jackson, 21-year-old Anthony Jenkins and 19-year-old Khalil Nelson are charged with shooting and killing of Briscoe and Riculfy.

Authorities said the victims were eating on the patio of the Grotto Restaurant on August 21 when the suspects tried to rob them before the deadly shooting.

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