KPRC 2 Insiders tell us where to find the best jerky around

You may have seen us feature our readers’ favorite spots for things like fajitas, fried chicken, margaritas, and more on Recently we reached out to our KPRC 2 Insiders to get their opinion on jerky. These callouts for your favorites give us a chance to celebrate local businesses in a fun way.

We also asked KPRC 2 Insiders what meat makes the best jerky. No surprise, beef was king.


So who in the Greater Houston area sells the best dried meat around? The Insiders have spoken. Scroll down to see their picks below.

Beef Jerky... an Experience

Looking for the ultimate jerky experience? Several KPRC 2 Insiders let us know that the Beef Jerky Experience is the place to go. The Beef Jerky Outlet has Beef Jerky Experience stores in Galveston and League City.

KPRC 2 Insiders Deena S. , Julie R., Kendra S., and Ashley R. are among those who suggested a trip down the Gulf Freeway will land us the best jerky in the Houston-area.

The Beef Jerky Experience boasts that it has 200+ varieties of jerky including exotic ones like bison, salmon, elk, and kangaroo. They also carry vegan jerky.

Houston Life’s Joe Sam recently checked out the Beef Jerky Outlet over in Galveston, as seen in the below video.

Prasek’s is also a top pick for KPRC 2 Insiders

Prasek’s Family Smokehouse with locations in Sealy and El Campo got shoutouts from KPRC 2 Insiders Todd, Mary P., Tim K., and Nichole W.

Another Insider noted that Prasek’s jerky can be bought at some H‑E‑B grocery stores.

Votes for Buc-ee’s

Not surprisingly, the convenience store with a reputation for clean bathrooms and endless snacks got quite a few votes from KPRC 2 Insiders, including Anne S., Julie M., Linda H., Tracy S., and Rob S.

Insiders Keron H. and Janet B. specifically gave props to Buc-ee’s turkey jerky.

“My family loves Buc-ees jerky! Especially the peppered turkey,” wrote Janet.

More meaty choices from KPRC 2 Insiders

Jerky around Texas

  • Janet S. picked Oakridge Smokehouse as having the best jerky. The jerky is made by a restaurant in Schulenburg which is on the way from Houston to San Antonio.
  • If you’re ever making the long trek to Lubbock, Nikki E. has a place to stop. Nikki writes “the best is Jackson Brothers Meat Locker in Post Texas.”
  • David O. threw Brother Earl’s into the mix. That jerky maker is in Victoria.

Agree with these choices? Think a great jerky spot in the Houston-area was missed? Let us know in the comment section below.