Spencer Solves It: Veteran in desperate need of dental work receives new smile

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HOUSTON – Ray Malveaux, a patriot who served in both the United States Army and the Marine Corps, was in desperate need to get his teeth fixed before Spencer Solves It stepped in to help.

“It’s been hell. I just haven’t been able to smile like I want to. I am afraid to open my mouth because of what has happened inside”, said Malveaux.

Malveaux has led the kind of life that is all about service to others. For 35 years, he has needed extensive dental work to fix his teeth.

“It’s terrible when you want to talk to people and be with people, and yet you are afraid to open your mouth, and you have to talk with your hand over your mouth all the time,” Malveaux said.

Malveaux, who now dedicates his time to caring for foster children, was told that he would need thousands of dollars worth of dental work. Not being able to afford treatment, the army veteran reached out to Spencer Solves It for help.

Right away, KPRC 2 reporter Bill Spencer reached out to Dr. Terri Alani, one of Houston’s best-known dentists and a person who has helped the SSI team a countless number of times.

After meeting Malveaux, Alani said she couldn’t wait to help him and offered to do his dental work for free.

“The fact that he helps foster children. The fact that he was really looking just to be able to smile again, and that he is helping care for his mother who had just had her leg amputated. He touched my heart immediately. I knew I had to help,” Alani said.

With all of the serious problems going on in Malveaux’s mouth, Alani decides to deep clean his teeth, fill all of his cavities, do other work on his mouth and custom fit him with a state-of-the-art dental appliance called Snap-On Smile.

A few weeks and several appointments later, Alani was ready to snap Malveaux’s new smile into place.

“Okay Ray, this is going to change your life”, Alani said.

Malveaux’s eye’s immediately got big as he glistened with emotion.

“Oh my God. Wow. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much,” Malveaux said. “I thank you Bill and I thank you, Dr. Alani. I appreciate this so much.”

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