Houston sends supplies and relief to Hurricane Ida-hit communities

HOUSTON – Houston sent help to Louisiana by the truckloads Thursday.

A convoy of box trucks and 18-wheelers, escorted by Houston police, left Gallery Furniture at 6:15am to bring aid to Louisiana.

There were more than 15 trucks packed with supplies that will make their way to LaPlace. The trucks were filled with donations of non-perishable food, toiletries, pet food and water for families that were affected by Hurricane Ida.

Gallery Furniture, Kroger and the City of Houston asked Houstonians to step up this week with donations to help its neighboring state. Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale, who also goes by Mattress Mack, says the loaded trucks are a testament to the generosity of Houstonians, many of whom have been impacted by past hurricanes. Mattress Mack said Thursday’s relief effort is the first of others to come.

“We’re gonna do this today and next week and probably going to keep doing it until the effort’s done because certainly during our hardships during Hurricane Harvey people rallied to help Houston.,” he said. “So now its our turn to rally and help the people of Louisiana.”

The Cajun Navy will disperse the relief items once the trucks arrive in LaPlace.