Woman driving golf cart caught on camera stealing package delivery

HOUSTON – A woman was caught on camera Monday taking packages from a man’s house while driving a golf cart in southwest Houston.

Conrad Mueller, who lives on Ann Arbor Drive, said he believes the porch pirate lives in his neighborhood. He said the woman couldn’t have traveled far on a golf cart.

Mueller said he had two packages delivered Sunday but didn’t remember to take them inside until Monday morning. He said noticed the packages were no longer outside his front door, so he decided to check his security camera to see what happened.

The video showed an older woman wearing a flowy dress with a cap park a golf cart on his lawn, walk up to his door, grab the packages, and hurriedly take off down the street.

Mueller said the content inside the packages wasn’t valuable, but he was planning to use the items on Monday.

“It’s snorkeling for swimming and a swimming cap,” he said. “It was my swimming day today.”

Mueller said the items are in the process of being replaced, but he said he’s more concerned about what would drive the woman to steal.

“Maybe, I don’t know, she didn’t know what she was doing I guess,” he said.

The Houston Police Department is investigating the felony theft.