150 shelter pets in Hurricane Ida’s path to arrive in Houston from Louisiana

HOUSTON – With Hurricane Ida heading towards Louisiana, dozens of shelter pets in the storm’s path are heading towards Houston.

The Houston SPCA plans to take in 100 cats, 50 dogs, and four rabbits from several animal shelters, as well as the SPCA in Louisiana.

At last check, the animals are expected to arrive in Houston sometime early Saturday.

“It was really important because we don’t know what this storm is going to bring. We get them out of harm’s way, and they can come here. (Then,) they can find a new home right here in Houston,” said Julie Kuenstle, Houston SPCA vice president of communications.

Upon arrival, the animals will get checked out by a veterinarian. Some will head to shelters in Austin and San Antonio while others wait for a new home in Houston.

The animals in Houston are expected to be available for adoption beginning at noon on Monday.

This won’t be the first time groups from two neighboring states worked together to look out for our four-legged friends.

The Houston SPCA took in dogs and cats from Louisiana after Hurricane Laura last year.

“We all have the same mission,” Kuenstle said. “We all love and care about animals.”