Galveston County offering COVID booster shots to high-risk, those with underlying conditions

Hundreds of people are turning to Galveston County Health District’s mass vaccination site in hopes to get their COVID-19 booster shot, as the Delta variant continues to spread rapidly in Greater Houston.

The site is currently offering booster doses for those who have underlying conditions or are at high risk. Registration is required online or via phone.

Cars lined up at the Galveston County Health District located at 9850 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway in Texas City.

“It’s very simple and relatively quick!” said Chief Nursing Officer Ami Cotharn. “You can either register online which is preferred or you can call our phone bank.”

Amidst a global pandemic, a rapidly spreading covid variant and exhausted ERs, many people looking to get their booster shots for both Pfizer and Moderna.

“Friday, we’ve given about 700 doses,” Cotharn said. “The bulk of the doses have been booster shots.”

Boosters shots for Pfizer and Moderna are only offered to the immunocompromised or high risk.

“It is a trust-based system. When you register online you identify if you’re immunocompromised. The CDC definition of immunocompromised is there, and if you meet those conditions, then you’re definitely welcome to register,” Cotharn said.

Cotharn said to bring your ID and then you provided a QR code after registering. You are administered the booster shot via drive-thru.

“The alternative is maybe 6 ft under it’s not a hard decision,” said George Carey, 81, who was seriously hospitalized from COVID-19 in January and has since gotten fully vaccination.

“Literature is showing us that some of the immunity may wane after a certain amount of time so we want to offer the boosters in order to regain that immunity,” Cotharn said.

Register online here: Or via phone at 409-938-7221.