Students in Galena Park ISD prepare for liftoff, learning fundamentals of aerospace engineering

HOUSTON – A new class at Galena Park ISD’s North Shore Senior High School hopes to inspire students to become the next space engineers.

“It is a tremendous amount of fun, but there’s nothing easy about it,” said Brian King.

King is head of the new aerospace engineering class, with the help of a program SystemsGo.

Students will first build a small rocket and then move up.

“Students have to build a 10-foot rocket that will go a mile high and carry a one-pound scientific payload,” said King.

Students will do all the work.

“This is not a teacher-lead class at all, this is a student-lead class. They are going to pick their own leaders, who’s going to be in charge of what projects,” he said.

They hope to motivate students to go into careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

“We recognize the fact that engineering students are becoming far and few and far between. We just want to be a leader in that fact,” said King.

King also said they plan to have experts from NASA and SpaceX visit the school and talk to the students throughout the year.

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