WATCH: Olympic Zone - Thursday, August 5 Edition

KPRC 2 presents Olympic Zone Monday through Saturday at 6:30 p.m. during the Games
KPRC 2 presents Olympic Zone Monday through Saturday at 6:30 p.m. during the Games

The stories behind the sports and the athletes are part of what makes the Olympics such a special competition around the world. That’s why KPRC 2 is proud to bring you the Olympic Zone presented by Living Designs Furniture. The popular magazine show, is a summary and showcase of up-to-the-minute Olympics content that sets the stage for the most important action every night of the Games. It can be seen Monday through Saturday during the Olympics on KPRC 2 at 6:30 p.m.

If you missed it on television, you can check out every Olympic Zone segment from Thursday, August 5 plus a bonus story below.

Every millisecond counts: the technology that clocks races

At the Olympics, dreams of gold can be realized or dashed by a single millisecond. Sam Brock looks at the advanced technology that’s deciding the closest of finishes in track and swimming.

Team USA’s military members bring together service and sport

Some members of Team USA wear the stars and stripes every day. Dr. John Torres, a military veteran himself, speaks with athletes in military service about their experience serving their country and representing Team USA.

Jordan Windle’s emotional journey from Cambodia to Tokyo

Jerry Windle, the father of Olympic diver Jordan Windle, shares the story of how he adopted Jordan from Cambodia and kept his son connected to the roots of his birth country.

Natalie Morales visits immersive art museum in Tokyo

Natalie Morales visits teamLab Borderless, the immersive art museum in Tokyo with no boundaries, to learn how the unique art exhibits exist at the intersection of nature and technology.

Relive the best moments of Olympic Day 12

From the women’s 400m hurdles final showdown to another victory for the women’s volleyball team, relive the thrilling performances of Olympic Day 12.

BONUS VIDEO: Gus Kenworthy and Tony Hawk on skateboarding’s Olympic debut

Gus Kenworthy talks with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk about the significance of skateboarding’s Olympic debut before trying out some new tricks on the board.