Dictionary adds new slang words like ‘zaddy’ and ‘yeet’

New slang words being added to the dictionary (KSAT 2021)

Houston – New slang words have achieved a place in Dictionary.com for summer 2021.

KSAT reported that ‘yeet,’ ‘oof’ and ‘zaddy’ are among the new words in the online dictionary.

Another addition is the word ‘snack.’ However, it doesn’t refer to the food eaten between meals, but it refers to an attractive person.

New terms derived from the “pandemic and movement toward a sense of normalcy,” according to KSAT. An example of this is the word ‘long-hauler’, which means someone who experiences symptoms after recovering from a severe illness like COVID-19.

Ghost Kitchen,’ is another created entry. They are restaurants without dining space. This “new concept” became popular during the pandemic, reports KSAT.

While Dictionary.com has a reputation of crowning slang words, it also keeps up with times by including categories such as COVID, racial justice, topics of violence and technology change, reports its website.

In spring’s latest update, the dictionary added a total of 600 words. ‘Zoom,’ and ‘deepfake,’ are among these entries. They’ve also revised words such as ‘reification,’ which means the act of treating a person as an object.

According to its website, Dictionary.com is committed to documenting the “ever-changing” English language. Over 300 new entries, new definitions, and revised ones can be found here.