Calling all space fans! Here's how you can meet, train, eat with astronauts at Space Center Houston this summer

2017 NASA astronaut candidate Jessica Watkins is helped into a spacesuit prior to underwater spacewalk training at NASA Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston. (David DeHoyos - NASA - JSC, NASA)

HOUSTON – The sky is the limit this summer!

Space Center Houston is opening Astronaut Days for the summer. According to Space Center, guests will be able to “meet an astronaut, train like an astronaut, have breakfast with an astronaut and more!”

The new summer four-day event will be Aug. 5-8 and provide fun activities to help families and individuals explore and discover the universe. Some of the activities include the option to spot a space explorer, Q&A sessions, bingo, book signings, spacesuit photo opportunity, and more. Children ages, 4 to 12, will be able to train like an astronaut through interactive challenges.

According to Space Center, the event will also feature astronauts who have explored space. Kay Hire, the first woman in the U.S. military to be assigned to a combat aircrew in 1993, is one of the seven space pioneers who will attend the event.

Visitors will have the chance to taste the “All-American Meal,” modeled after the meal served on STS-135, the final shuttle mission. According to Space Center, the meal is served daily at Independence Cue in Independence Plaza.

For the full event schedule and tickets, click here.