Simone Biles: Share your well wishes for the star Houston gymnast at the Olympics

Simone Biles warms up prior to competition on day two of the women's 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials at America’s Center on June 25, 2021 in St Louis, Missouri. (Carmen Mandato, Getty Images)

HOUSTON – United States star gymnast Simone Biles has left team competition in the Olympics.

We’d like our viewers to help wish her well. You can send in your messages to Biles using the form below. We might even use your message in one of our newscasts.

Thanks for helping us.

Messages from you

Julia Harris: Once again you are inspiring all of us and are leading by example. No one is more courageous than you. Period. If you say it’s time to step away, we know it must be…and we fully support you.

Cindy Nelson: Thank you for transparency, it shows great strength and courage. What you do or don’t do does not determine your value. Your value is defined by the One who created you beautifully and perfectly!

Lula Victorian: Simone, you’re already solid gold in our eyes and heart, do what’s best for Ms. Simone we are thinking of you and love you. Thanks for representing our country so beautifully.

Anonymous: You have nothing to prove to anyone. Taking care of yourself is the priority. You are surrounded with prayer and support.

Cheryl Baehr: Dear Simone: my grand daughter cheers for Woodlands Elite in Spring and has met you. We want to thank you for representing the USA and thank you for being an incredible role model! Best wishes!

Mary Anne Corrigan: Take care of yourself first! You will always be a champion to me and my family. God bless you.

Jeff Cecil: This is a decision that I know did not come east for you. God is with you and will lead you where he needs you to go. Stay true to yourself. You will always be the greatest ever. God Bless you.

Lori Kageler: You’ve done a fantastic job! We are proud of you in Houston..❤️

Patti Palmer: You are THE BEST!! You have nothing to prove to anyone. We all need a break sometimes; glad you are taking one now. Just take care of your self, and know that you are loved; and respected.

Macey M.: Simone, you have nothing to prove and we love you so much! Remember what you love the sport. This is just your victory lap for fun! Go team USA!

Dave Gunter: Thank you for doing what you must do to take care of yourself and your “self.” You are great and we love you. Good luck! Hugs!

Gretchen Lindquist: Houston is very proud of you, Simone, not only for your hard work and dedication to excellence but also for taking care of yourself. That is a great example to everyone. We are all rooting for you!

Marilyn Head: Simone you are a beautiful, powerful woman. Making the decision to choose yourself and your mental wellbeing over medals and winning on the biggest stage in the world is the most boss move there is!

Madeleine: That was a brave move, an illustration of your self-awareness and wisdom. Once again, you’ve shown us you’re tough as a boot. Thanks for representing our country so beautifully. We are on your side!

Pam Boos: Thank you for the reminder that we all need to listen to both our heart and our mind and that it’s okay to say I’m not having a good day today. You have positively impacted so many lives. Thank you! ❤

Debbie Kerschen: Simone You are such an inspiration to so many. Don’t let anything come between you and all your hard work. You’ve got this and no matter what happens, Houston is very proud of you!

Anonymous: Thank you!

Stephen Winchester: You’re an inspiration to millions!

Georgiann Weaver: Sweetheart, we all love and respect you and all your hard work....Thank you for it all...Take good care and God’s Blessings always....

Lisa Martinez: Simone you are an inspiration to us all. We are rooting for you and wish you the very best. You are the GOAT 🙌🏼

Lisa Merino: Simone, we are so proud of you! Your accomplishments in gymnastics competitions and outside of gymnastics is something to be noted. You have touched so many people with your grace and honesty!

Hugo Sanchez: I heard that the gymnast life is very hard and ephemeral. You gave us more than plenty to be proud. Now is your time to go out and enjoy your life. You’ll do great.

Roger Bridgwater: You make us all so proud and I’m so sorry that you are not able to continue in the competition. I’ll be praying for your health and opportunity to shine again. Bless you

Paul Uschak: Best wishes to you. You’re a STAR in what you do. God bless.

Jay Mehta: She’s already a winner in my eyes

Christy Brewer: Sweet Simone! We are so proud of you not only as an Olympic athlete but because you have integrity and inner beauty that shine so bright. You do you and we will keep cheering you on! Many blessings!

Yolanda Orr: I am very proud of you! Thank you for your continued efforts representing our country. Please take care and have a speedy and successful recovery!

Tracy Sandifer: Best in luck to whatever you have in store for your future, Simone! Great to have such a great athlete representing H-town!!

Mari Carney: #GOAT

Agnes Voges: You are solid gold no matter what.

Suzette: You are the best ever❤️

Amy Taylor: Queen Simone, you have inspired and uplifted many. You will forever be #1 in our books. Sending prayers and positive light

Kate Beck: THANK YOU for OWNING your own decisions. Thank you for choosing for your own health above all else. This is a brave and honorable choice, one I am proud of you for making. You are an icon. Be proud.

James: Simone. You’re still the greatest.

Marcel Wormsley: As a mental health advocate, I appreciate your openness and vulnerability regarding your mental/emotional state, as well as your presence of mind to know when things are not okay. You are an inspiration to so many and have shown us the importance of speaking openly about this issue and caring for ourselves first. May you prosper in all your endeavors.

Priscilla King Blue: It’s ok not to be ok, your health is what matters.

Angela Gilbert: Praying.

Diana: No matter what your grit and determination are undeniable! You are loved by so many and if you never ever competed again, you will still be GOAT! Your mental health is most important💕

Shelley Frost: You did the right thing, the hard thing. You listened to your body and your mind. You are forever the GOAT!

Molly W: So proud of you for recognizing your needs and acting on them to take care of yourself and make sure you were safe. Thank you for sending a message that wellbeing is important <3

Jeanette Monteith: Hang in there, Simone. I’m so proud of you. By admitting that you are human and being mindful enough to know that you were in danger, you showed girls that it is OK to take care of themselves. Bravo.

Kerry Harris: Dearest Simone, mental health is as important as physical health. You take care of you! We will always be cheering for you! You have completely amazed us all for years and always will!

Roxie Robison: Stay strong, keep your head up, you’re awesome, God got you!!!!

Susie Grimes: Keep up the good work and God bless you Simone!

Debra Williams: Simone it is ok to think about your health first. Winning medals is fantastic but have already proven yourself. Your mental stability is what’s important. Stay strong & healthy sweetheart. Much Love

Judy Hamilton: My heart and prayers are with you.

June Kamrath: We’re so proud of you Simone. You mean so much to us, and the young women in your sport. It’s all a lot to handle. Take care of yourself. Thank you for all you do!

Kristy Clemons: Get well soon! You represent Houston so well. Will always be the GOAT.

KMT: What bravery. What grace. What an important message to send to young people around the globe. What a triumph of spirit and heart.

Alexandra K: Simone, thank you for showing the world that it’s okay to take a moment and just be authentically human. Wishing you nothing but strength, peace, and joy for the remainder of your time in Tokyo!

Teri: There is strength in allowing yourself peace! Rest, recover, and heal.

Kathy J. Whittington: Girl you still bad in my book!! Peace and Love to you Simone!!

Maggie McCaslin: Just go do your thing, have fun.

Aldana Reyes: Thank you for representing Houston so well! We love you and are rooting for you! You are a winner no matter what.

Paula Gilbert: We are so proud of you and your talent. Keep being you and God will prevail over all.

Noor Alam: You are a winner!

Taryce Malnaa: Please take care of yourself. You are loved for you -inside and out. Gymnastics is only a part of the whole you. I hope your smile returns as you rest and recover ❤️

John Monast: And just like that you became a role model in another facet of life... You made one of the bravest decisions I’ve ever seen. Take time for you Simone. You’ve done your country proud. We love you!

Rosa Lopez: Querida Simone: we love you!

Amy Dean: Thank you, Simone, for representing the United States for us at home, and we are always proud of you! It took enormous strength to recognize you were not ready to compete, and we thank you!

Connie Elsenpeter: I could not be prouder to have Simone represent our country and have followed her since the beginning. Thank you for not just being the GOAT but also the human being, young lady, and a model for all.

LaRhonda Jefferson: You are an inspiration to many and have always represented Houston well. We are all proud to call you a fellow citizen.

Juliana Francis Kelly: You inspire us at every turn. Through your stunning gymnastic feats, of course, but also through your generosity to your teammates and your courage to stick up for yourself too. Brava, Ms. Biles!!

Terry Newell: Simone, we wish you the best and fast recovery, We are proud of you and want the best for you!

Melanie Calhoun: We are proud of you and Team USA! Please never forget that. Have fun and be you! The rest will fall into place. God bless.

Jane Chesney: May your unselfish attitude inspire fellow athletes and citizens of the world. Thank you sincerely for the joy of watching you work and perform tirelessly to represent the USA.

Jesse: Simone, you’re the greatest no matter what. Keep up the faith and good work. I know you carry a very heavy burden going into these games with all the pregame chatter. Keep your head held high champ!!!

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