League City woman accused of posting nude photos of man on Instagram after he refused to pay her $500, officials say

The woman is accused of releasing nude photos of a man on social media after he refused to give her $500

A 20-year-old League City woman is accused of sextortion after a LaPorte man claims she posted nude photos of him on social media after he refused to pay her money.

According to court documents, the nude photos were sent on Snapchat and they both agreed they would not be shared with anyone else.

Authorities said Kayla Meredith then threatened to send the naked images to the man’s friends if he did not send her $500 through Venmo as soon as possible.

When he didn’t comply, court documents say Meredith responded by creating a group chat on Instagram and added multiple individuals to that group chat.

According to a 2017 survey conducted by Thorne, an organization that focuses on ending online child sexual abuse, sextortion is happening across a wide number of platforms with 54% of the respondents saying social media was the most commonplace to be threatened.

The FBI calls sextortion an online threat to kids and teens.

According to its website, they’ve seen a huge number of cases involving children and teens and strongly encourage those are who being exploited to contact their local FBI field office or make the complaint over the phone or report it online.


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