Harris County civil court judge resigns after several allegations of misconduct, officials say

Harris County civil court judge resigns (Harris County Democrats)

HARRIS COUNTY – A Harris County civil court judge has resigned from his position following several allegations of misconduct, the office of court management said Wednesday.

According to the resignation agreement, George Barnstone was named in six complaints with at least seven allegations of misconduct, including showing bias or prejudice toward litigants and attorneys on the basis of race, sex or socioeconomic status.

The agreement also stated that Barnstone failed to treat attorneys appearing in his court with patience, dignity and courtesy, as well as, failing to require and maintain order and decorum during his proceedings.

Barnstone signed the resignation agreement on July 12, and his decision was approved on Monday.

Barnstone, according to the agreement, will forever be disqualified from judicial service in Texas, including sitting or serving as a judge, standing for election or appointment to a judicial office, performing or exercising any judicial duties or functions of a judicial officer or former judicial officer, including the performance of wedding ceremonies, expect permitted by law.

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