Immigrant youth protest outside federal court in downtown Houston following ruling on DACA

HOUSTON – Immigrant youth and allies from the United We Dream plan held a press conference during its rally outside the U.S. District Court Monday in downtown Houston following the Texas v. U.S. ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

On Friday, a Texas federal judge ruled to partially end the DACA program in the lawsuit, meaning no new DACA applications will be accepted. USCIS can continue to process renewal applications.

The immigrant youth gathered outside 515 Rusk St. where DACA recipients, first-time DACA applicants and those who never qualified for DACA and allies will plan to speak during the protest. They shared testimonies and called on President Joe Biden and Congress to demand a permanent pathway to protection and to overrule the judge’s decision.

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“Our communities cannot continue to live in fear of deportation,” said one United We Dream member.

A few members, who are also DACA recipients, shared their testimonies and fears for their future in America.

“It hurts deeply that my home state, the place I’ve grown up in and that I’ve grown to love, is the one leading the charge against me and my right to live and work,” said another member, Susie Lujano. “Last week’s decision by Judge Hanen to partially end DACA was cruel and vindictive. But his decision was brought on by Republicans-led people like our Attorney General Ken Paxton. They are trying to finish what Donald Trump started by continuing to attack DACA and putting hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people at risk for detention, deportation and family separation.”

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