‘WE ALL QUIT’: Burger King sign going viral after workers walk out

Burger King sign

LINCOLN, Neb. – A sign at a Burger King in Nebraska is going viral on Facebook.

Rachael Flores, general manager of the Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska, since January, posted this photo on her Facebook account. The sign in front of the store reads, “WE ALL QUIT -- SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.”

Flores, along with eight other employees, put in their two weeks’ notice before putting up the sign that went viral, according to KLKN.

She said the Burger King had no air conditioning for weeks while she and her employees were made to continue working. The kitchen reached over 90 degrees at one point. Flores was hospitalized for dehydration. She said her boss reacted by saying she was being a “baby.”

After finding out about the sign, Flores’ boss fired her.