Heading to Galveston? New rules are in effect for golf cart owners and rental operators

Image by Denise Geelhart from Pixabay (Image by Denise Geelhart from Pixabay)

Galveston has new rules for golf cart rental operators and owners which the city says are designed to make the roadways safer.

The new regulations approved by Galveston’s City Council on June 24 went into effect immediately, but there will be a grace period of approximately 45 days before enforcement begins. Penalties may apply to owners or drivers who fail to abide by the new regulations.

Here are the regulations that are in place:

Golf cart rental permit fee increases

The annual registration fee for commercial golf cart rental operators increases to $150. The registration fee for residents remains the same at $25 per year.

Rules of the road

The new regulations require commercial operators to affix decals to the carts reminding renters to stay in the right lane and wear seat belts. There should also be information on the golf cart about where they are allowed in the city.

Golf carts and electric vehicles should not park on sidewalks in order to protect pedestrians.

The number of people who can ride a golf cart is limited to the number of seats on the golf cart, so carrying someone in the lap is not allowed.

Everyone needs to remain seated when the cart is in motion, and no body part should extend outside the perimeter of the golf cart.

Renters and every guest riding the golf cart must wear seat belts during operations and should stay in the right lane of the road.

License plate requirements

Under the new regulations, commercial and residential golf carts require proof of registration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, a license plate, seat belts and inspections. (State law allows for golf carts operated exclusively in master planned communities to NOT have a license plate.)

Here is a list of places for golf cart inspections:

Mister Golf Cart: 3101 Broadway, Galveston, TX (409)763-8888

Mister Golf Cart: 331 Jones Lake Road, Tiki Island, TX (409)572-9220

Mikes Golf Cart Repair: 21515 Zachary, Galveston, TX (409)737-2278

Southern Tide Golf Carts: 21430 San Luis Pass Rd., Galveston, TX (409)632-7568

Rick’s Beach Rental: 17620 San Luis Pass Rd., Galveston, TX (409)632-0256 / (409)939-7824

Coastal Cruisers Custom Carts: 3528 Broadway, Galveston, TX (409)974-4301

Galveston Golf Carts: 8604 Broadway, Galveston, TX (409)996-6198

More information on the new Galveston ordinance can be viewed here.