‘Very bad for the neighborhood’: Neighbors fight proposed landfill expansion near Houston’s Carverdale area

HOUSTON – Some neighbors are raising concerns about a proposal to expand a landfill near Houston’s Carverdale area.

While the Hawthorn Park Landfill off of Tanner Road is not new, Waste Management is now asking to expand the facility.

“I’m against it at all costs and I’m ready to fight tooth and nail if I can,” said Iesheia Ayers-Wilson, a neighbor.

Some of the people who spoke with KPRC 2 raised concerns about traffic, property values, health and additional debris.

“It’s all about people not respecting our community as a low-income, Black and brown community, and we need to start letting people know they have to respect us,” said Ayers-Wilson.

Other people voiced their thoughts during a civic club meeting on Monday evening at Greater Macedonia Baptist Church.

“I think it would be very bad for the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods as well,” said neighbor Myra Jefferson.

Waste Management of Texas said the current facility has been in operation for over 30 years and accepts construction and demolition materials, such as concrete and wood. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said the company is asking to increase the permitted area by roughly 38 acres and increase the maximum elevation.

Vincent Lewis, a pastor at Greater Macedonia Baptist, said he has questions about the maximum elevation part of the proposal.

“We don’t want to come out of worship one Sunday and right over there we got a mountain of trash,” Lewis said.

Waste Management responded with a statement that reads in part, “The proposed expansion of this facility will remain within the existing site boundary. HPL meets or exceeds the standards for protection of human health and the environment required by law.”

The company said the facility is engineered with environmental protection systems that meet or exceed government regulations.

TCEQ said a technical review is ongoing.

The pastor said his church has a group looking into the issue.