Houston fans outraged after rapper Tekashi 69 refuses to take stage at concert

HOUSTON – Sunday night at the Humble Civic Arena hundreds of fans packed inside hoping to see Tekashi 69. They waited, and waited, and waited. Then finally instead of the moment they’d all been waiting for, the lights were shut off and they were asked to leave.

To say Mya Aguilar is a Tekashi 69 fan is an understatement, she even died her hair blue and purple to pay homage to him.

“I actually love his music. I have his notifications on to whenever he drops a music video or he posts on Instagram,” Mya said.

Weeks ago, Mya’s parents learned 69 was coming to Houston, but it would cost the family more than $400 for them to go.

“My wife found out that he was coming, I looked at the tickets I said ok they’re kind of pricey maybe I’ll wait next time,” said Mya’s father, George Aguilar.

But because Mya was having her quinceañera, her parents decided to try and make their youngest daughter’s dream come true.

Mya’s brother surprised her at her fifteenth birthday party by dancing in a $400 Tekashi 69 costume her dad had made in Mexico. Then, she got the icing on the cake.

“There was a folder in there and my mom had put ‘get ready to be excited, you’re going to go see 69 and the ticket,” Mya said. “I seen the ticket, I looked at it, and I started balling my eyes out.”

The anticipation set in immediately.

“Every day I thought about it, I was like I’m getting so much closer to this day, I was like ‘it’s three days, it’s two days, today’s the day,’” Mya said.

“3 o’clock they opened up, 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock they had local DJ’s playing... 6 o’clock 7,8,9,” George said.

Despite the long wait, Tekashi 69 never showed up.

“Next thing you know, people started booing. Throwing water bottles at the stage, beer cans, and some people were saying he left, he left,” George said.

Then, George said the crowd was told to leave.

According to TMZ, the rapper backed out after he said he was only paid $70,000 of the $250,000 he was owed. The Aguilars say they can understand the reason, but Mya is still heartbroken.

“It hurts, I really wanted to see him, I was a big fan, well I am a big fan of his and it hurts deep down cause they (her parents) tried,” Mya said.

Some fans who bought tickets through Ticketmaster were refunded.

George Aguilar said he was told he would have to go through Eventbrite where he purchased the tickets for a refund but has so far been unsuccessful. The family said aside from their money back, they’re hoping to at least get an apology from 69.

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