Man smashes window, breaks into cafe in west Houston

HOUSTON – A Houston restaurant owner is upset after someone broke into his business earlier this week.

London Cafe on Highway 6 was closed early Monday morning when someone smashed through one of the windows.

“I hope it’s the last time but it’s very hard, very difficult to see it,” said owner Alex Lleshi.

The surveillance video shows a man climb inside and head towards the front counter. In another clip, he’s wearing a hood and mask while looking around before moving to the back.

Houston police said five iPads were stolen. Lleshi said the tablets are needed for online to-go orders.

“This damage, for example, I have to work at least one month to cover this situation,” Lleshi said.

As if the pandemic wasn’t tough enough, Lleshi said he’s especially frustrated because this was the third break-in in roughly a year. He doesn’t know whether the same person is responsible for all three incidents.

“My message is please stop doing that,” Lleshi said. “I hope it’s the last time for him and I hope he understands that enough is enough.”

The owner said the damage costs from the latest incident were around $5,000.

“I don’t know that anyone’s looking for anyone to go to jail,” said Bill Barras, a friend of the owner. “I think what they’re looking for is to have it stop and replace what was taken.”

Houston police said they have the surveillance footage and are investigating the case.