Owner uses social media to help her track down stolen snow cone trailer

The family tracked the thieves down and retrieved the trailer

HOUSTON – A wild chase to retrieve a stolen snow cone trailer was all caught on camera.

The owner of Unicorn Snow Cones spent Wednesday hot on the trail of her business on wheels.

“It’s painful just watching them be so reckless with her, you know,” said owner Yesenia Garcia.

On Wednesday morning, Garcia said her bright pink snow cone trailer was stolen from a parking lot on Hollister Road.

Garcia called the cops and took to social media to let people know to keep an eye out for her trailer.

“That’s when the calls started coming in, the spotting and sightings. So, I would post updates,” said Garcia.

A quick glance at surveillance video from area businesses along with other possible sightings, Garcia said she had a general idea of where to look.

It wasn’t long before she stumbled across the trailer and start tailing it while alerting police.

“We couldn’t just let them take the trailer, we weren’t going to see it again for sure,” Garcia said.

Eventually, Garcia lost sight of the trailer.

But it wasn’t long before it was spotted again and recovered after being ditched.

Garcia said a tow truck driver who heard about the missing trailer helped to block it in before the suspects got away.

“They already knew it was a stolen trailer, so they had one block on one side and one block on the other so they couldn’t get out. So, they just ran off,” said Garcia.

Despite some damage to the trailer, Garcia is thankful to have it back and just as grateful to the community for stepping up to help her find it.

“It was like a village, a team. We all came together, and if it wasn’t for everyone helping, we wouldn’t have our trailer back,” said Garcia.

According to police, the suspects got away and the truck used during the theft appears to have been stolen as well.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Houston police at (713) 884-3131.

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