City council votes 12-4 to approve proposed hike in water bill rates

Some rates may increase by 78% in five years

Houston City Council approves water fee hike
Houston City Council approves water fee hike

HOUSTON – The City of Houston council members voted to approve a proposed hike in water bills by a 12-4 vote.

Now that the motion has passed, water bills would go up 78% in five years.

Here’s what the hike would mean for you if you live in the city:

A home that is billed for 3,000 gallons of water currently pays a little more than $27 a month. If the hike is approved, that amount would jump to more than $31 next month. Five years from now, it would be closer to $49. That’s a 78% increase in just five years.

The hike is meant to pay for “infrastructure upgrades” and cover fines related to waste-water pollution.

The hike is expected to go into effect on September 1.

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