Mother at odds with HOA over sign honoring deceased son

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Whether it’s politics, school spirit, or simply decor, people living in the Barwood community have no problem expressing themselves. Displays can be seen throughout this northwest Harris County neighborhood with various messages.

However, resident April Wright said she recently learned her sign seeking justice for her deceased son was deemed a nuisance.

“A letter from my HOA stating that the sign had been there long enough and needed to be moved,” said Wright.

Investigators say Wright’s 17-year-old son Corey Thompson was shot multiple times and killed in an altercation with a friend in March. The suspect was released on bond, leading Wright to place a sign with pictures of Corey and the web address

“So that people can be aware of the bigger problem and the bigger issue that we’re having here in Harris County,” said Wright. “People who are already on bond committing violent offenses and still being released back into the community.”

The HOA said Wright’s sign, which has been in her yard for about six weeks, was up too long. But campaign signs from last year’s election are still in place.

The HOA calls it a misunderstanding and says board members have been trying to resolve the issue. Wright said she was told the letter was the action of just a few board members.

“If you’re allowing a couple of members to act on all of your behalves and not no about it I think you should be in better communication,” Wright said. “And if you can’t be then you need to get those members off the board.”

KPRC 2 reached out to the Barwood Homes Association, who released the following statement:

“We had no idea this was such a personal issue for her. We have apologized to her via Personal Message and have offered to meet with her personally to apologize again,” said the association’s president.

The president added that Wright can keep her sign up as long as she needs to.

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