Google grants HBCUs, including PVAMU, $50M to increase diverse representation in STEM industry

Prairie View A&M University among selected universities to receive $5M grant

Prairie View A & M University Main Entrance (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Google furthers its partnership with 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities by granting $5M to each institution to secure tech employment and growth opportunities for Black employees in the tech field, and Prairie View A&M is among the selected ones.

“I’m delighted to provide our HBCU partners with a $50 million unrestricted grant,” said Google’s Chief Diversity Officer, Melonie Parker. “These institutions are actively shaping the next generation of Black leaders and are helping build a more diverse workforce across all industries. This investment further solidifies our commitment to providing access and opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech.”

Google’s investment is part of its “Pathways to Tech” initiative. Google stated that it believes in setting a strong foundation for the next generation of Black and Latinx tech students by partnering with higher education institutions to help jumpstart careers and help them feel included at work.

The grant will serve the historically Black university, PVAMU, for scholarships, to support technological facilities, to get students ready for the workforce, and for curriculum development.

“We at Prairie View A&M University are delighted with the support provided by Google. This action speaks resoundingly to the company’s recognition of the longstanding and important role that HBCUs have played in preparing their students for achievement in technological areas. The diversity pipeline will be greatly strengthened by Google’s commitment,” said Dr. Simmons, from PVAMU.

Chairwoman Nicole Collier shared her excitement for PVAMU, “I’m thrilled that Google is investing in Prairie View A&M University and HBCUs around the country. This type of financial support will help provide students with necessary access to scholarships, technology, and career readiness programs that will ensure their equal access to future workforce opportunities.”