Harris County Pets waiving adoption fees for packed shelter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Harris County’s animal shelter is over its capacity. There is a chance some animals may be euthanized to make space if the shelter can’t reduce its population.

“As of this morning, we’ve had 626 cats and dogs,” said communications specialist Eddie Miranda. “348 cats and 278 dogs.”

Miranda said the shelter, which services unincorporated Harris County, is over capacity. The shelter is typically considered full with 525 animals but because Harris County Pets is an open-admissions facility Miranda said they aren’t turning away animals.

He said they try to do everything they can to assist owners to avoid them having to surrender their pets at the shelter.

“On a daily basis, we receive about between 60, even 80 animals a day,” he said. “Sometimes, we’ve seen 123 animals.”

Miranda said they first noticed the increase in March. He said there could be a number of contributing factors such as the pandemic, people returning to work, relocating or for financial reasons.

At this rate, the shelter may have to euthanize animals to make space as a last resort. A result that the shelter has taken in years to healthy animals, Miranda said.

The shelter prefers animals to get fostered or adopted and waives all adoption fees from June 11 through June 13.

An appointment must be made online to begin the adoption process.

Miranda said people can also donate money, newspaper, wet cat food, or any of the other items on the shelter’s Amazon wishlist.

If you would like to help you can click here.