Texas Pride Disposal offers $2,000 hiring bonus after staff shortage, customer complaints

Residents in the Barkers Ridge subdivision is frustrated over trash pick-up delays
Residents in the Barkers Ridge subdivision is frustrated over trash pick-up delays

HOUSTON – Homeowners in additional neighborhoods cite problems with Texas Pride Disposal’s trash and recycling pick-up.

Monday’s and Thursday’s are trash pick-up days in the Barker’s Ridge subdivision in west Harris County. Though, most homeowners in the subdivision said they have not seen a single garbage truck since last week.

“Up until this past month or so, it’s been pretty good, but since all this rain and everything, they’ve not kept up with their bargain,” said homeowner Sandra McCarthy.

Travis Mansfield contacted KPRC 2 after seeing a story Monday where a Spring homeowner said the trash company had not collected trash in a week. That woman’s trash was picked up that same day.

Mansfield said the company has been inconsistent for the past two months.

“We really just want the trash to be picked up on time,” he said.

Mansfield is the treasurer for the Barker’s Ridge Homeowners Association. He said they were among the first to sign a contract with Texas Pride Disposal and just resigned a multi-year contract last November.

Mansfield said the service was good until it became spotty.

“They tell us it’s because of labor shortages and whatnot, but honestly, I think they’ve grown too fast and they’ve taken on more clients than they can service,” he said.

Kevin Atkinson, the owner of Texas Pride Disposal, said his company reduced contracts during the pandemic.

“There’s no validity to that right now,” Atkinson said. “We’ve actually slowed down our growth this year. In past years we’ve had exceptional growth.”

Atkinson said service had improved this week due to recent new hires, but says the tight labor market and other factors impacted business.

“I think the further we get away from COVID, the freeze, and stimulus payments, it will put us in a better shape to be back on track,” he said.

Atkinson said he’s had a few more applicants come in for interviews and training, thanks in part to a $2,000 hiring bonus the company is offering.

Trash was picked up Thursday afternoon from Mansfield’s entire neighborhood.