‘Many sleepless nights.’ 2 Houston sisters crushed after lost puppy adopted to another family despite being microchipped

Missing dog found and adopted by new family
Missing dog found and adopted by new family

HOUSTON – Two Houston sisters are devastated that their lost dog, Byron, will not be coming home. Instead, he was adopted by another family.

The two said they tried everything to be responsible dog owners by getting him microchipped. More than a year later, they realize Byron had been found, but they said they never got the call to pick him up.

“It’s something you don’t want anyone else to go through,” Brianna Marino, 17, said.

Brianna and her sister Savannah Marino, 25, were devastated when their beloved Maltese Poodle, Byron, escaped their parents’ yard ew Year’s Eve before the start of 2020. The family was devastated.

“We love Byron. Byron is our family,” Savannah said.

They know just about everything about Byron.

“He’s a Maltipoo. We got him in January 2017,” Brianna said.

“He was originally our uncle’s [dog], one of his [dog’s] pups, and we were there when he was bottle feeding,” Savannah said.