Strong storms cause damage to homes, businesses in Deer Park

DEER PARK – On Thursday, strong storms caused damage to several businesses and homes in Deer Park.

“Thankfully, the office is closed on Thursdays,” Cheri Stokley said.

Stokley is grateful no one got hurt after a strong storm peeled the roof of her uncle’s Chiropractor Clinic on East 8th street in Deer Park.

“We just got a phone call that tornado had come through and it may have hit the building and so we came up here and the roof was gone,” she said.

A few hours later, contractors have already started on repairs. Michael Shoe, who lives across the street, said he heard a loud boom.

“The sky turned white and then it was just pouring down rain. I had just gotten out of the shower and my bedroom window was just rolling. I tried to open this door and it almost wouldn’t let me,” he said.

Deer Park Police shared a video of the strong storms and heavy rain.

KPRC 2 spotted several people like Aubrey Caballero cleaning up tree limbs from her yard.

“It was just really nice and all of sudden it got all dark and it started blowing like crazy. All my stuff blew off. I had shingles fly off the roof,” she said.

Over at Deer Park North High School, there was a metal awning on the track and field.

The storm caused damage in Deer Park, but police say there were no reports of injuries.