Largest innovation maker hub in Texas Launches in East End Houston

HOUSTON – East End Houston is getting a new innovation manufacturing center that is expected to create 1,000 new companies within the next five years in the Houston area.

Officials are calling the East End Maker Hub the largest innovation maker hub in Texas. The 300,000 square-foot facility will help prepare to advance the manufacturing workforce in the city by filling thousands of high-paying advanced manufacturing jobs most available to non-degreed adults of all ages, according to a release.

Patrick Ezzell, President of the Urban Partnerships Community Development Corporation said its mission is to “drive advanced manufacturing by bringing together the brightest engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and makers to generate innovative advanced manufacturing solutions.” He said he believes that EEMH will bring jobs back to America.

The hub was made in a joint effort between UP CDC and TXRX Labs, leveraging $1.25 million in equity to raise $37 million in capital through New Market Tax Credits, funding partners, the city of Houston and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, according to a release.

The release stated that 25 companies have signed leasing agreements with the EEMH so far during Phase 1. The companies include those that design and develop electronics for unmanned aerial vehicles and the creators of a groundbreaking polymer-based transcatheter heart valve for children, according to a release.

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