Here’s how to capture great selfies with your smart phone

ORLANDO, Fla. – Too much light, not enough, double chin, too many wrinkles, it shouldn’t be that hard to take a good photo!

We all know the feeling too well. You feel confident and snap a photo, and you’re eager to share it but surprise, your camera refuses to capture you the way you actually look. Phone cameras have come a long way, but they are not perfect. Get picture-perfect photos with these tricks:

  • Avoid bad lighting. Close your curtains and leave a thin gap in one.
  • Dial down the exposer on your phone for a more natural photo.
  • Never fill the full frame. Rather, place one foot in front of the other and use the camera grid feature to leave one blank box above your head.
  • Shoot in black and white. If you have bright lights and dark shadows in your picture but not a lot of vibrant colors, shooting in black and white can make the image look clearer and more professional.