Cycle shop owner installs fog machine to fight back against thieves targeting his store

Owner uses fog to to stop thieves
Owner uses fog to to stop thieves

Fort Bend County – A small business owner in Fort Bend County said he finally fired back at thieves after being targeted multiple times.

Fred Rebollido, the owner of Sugar Cycles, said his business has been hit three times in the past year.

Rebollido said he finally got tired of the break-ins and installed fog-makers with motion sensors to deter criminals who tried to break into his store.

Around 1 a.m. on Sunday, Rebollido said three suspects targeted his bike shop. He said the thieves were caught on surveillance video, which triggered the sensor on the fog-maker, and fog began to fill the inside of the store.

“At that point, they are purely relying on their senses to navigate their way through the shop,” Rebollido said.

An off-duty police officer spotted a U-Haul in front of the bike shop and realized it was an active robbery.

The off-duty officer was able to arrest the three suspects. The suspects were identified as Percy Turner Jr., Willie Earl Wolford and Thomas Alfred Sweet.

“Timing-wise, I think police officers got here right as they were leaving,” Rebollido said.

The 16 new bikes the thieves could have stolen were reportedly worth $30,000.

All three men are facing multiple charges, including burglary of a building and engaging in organized criminal activity.

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