Suspected ‘Peeping Tom’ arrested on Houston’s south side

Many residents in a south Houston neighborhood said they are relieved after Harris County Constable Pct 7 deputies arrested a suspect now facing charges of criminal trespassing.

Neighbors reported to investigators of a man going around the neighborhood peering into windows and said they did not feel heard. Investigators, though, arrested the suspect Friday at the suspect’s home.

59-year-old Elvin Bartes is now facing charges of criminal trespassing after Pct. 7 deputies arrested Bartes Friday.

Neighbors in the City Oaks subdivision complained to KPRC 2 about a serial “Peeping Tom.”

“That’s the neighborhood peeping Tom!’ Neighborhood peeping Tom? How has nothing been done about this?” said one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous.

However, the neighbor said he had video of the man jumping his fence and peering into his home’s window. The neighbor saw the video and went outside to confront the man. The man ran off jumping the fence.

“It’s been a hot issue,” said another neighbor Carlos Acosta. “My wife was like check all the doors and please make sure the lights are on.”

On Friday, Pct. 7 told KPRC they had arrested a suspect in this case, giving some neighbors relief. The suspect was arrested just walking distance from where neighbors said the incident happened. The suspect lives in the subdivision.

“It’s kind of terrifying because you never know,” Acosta said. Now, he said his wife is relieved, for now.

“It’s a big relief not only for me but for all the neighbors,” Acosta said.

The neighbor who had video of the suspect in his backyard said that he hopes the culprit is ultimately convicted