People find vacation deals as travel increases

HOUSTON – Travel is increasing and so are prices, but you can still find good deals, according to a local travel agent.

“I just love to travel, love to see new things, experience new things,” said David Salazar.

Helping others “see new things” is Salazar’s specialty working at Texas State Optical Northshore in East Houston.

On his off time, he likes to travel and went to Colorado last month.

“I paid for all four plane tickets and they were very, very cheap,” he said. “Usually what I pay for two of them, is what I paid for four.”

Rey Alton with Almeda Travel said prices likely won’t stay that way much longer.

“People have pent-up travel urgency, they want to go someplace,” said Alton. “So many hotels have reopened and they’re looking to put people into the rooms.”

He says Riviera Maya, Mexico is one of the hottest destinations.

This month, you can get a trip for two, four nights at Now Jade Riviera in Cancun for just over $1,900, including plane tickets.

“You get a lot of value in regard to having an all-inclusive, all of your meals, beverages, activities are included,” said Alton.

If you want to lounge on a beach in the U.S., Alton suggests a getaway to Miami.

A trip for two, four nights at the Fontainbleu Miami Beach, including airfare is $1,800.

If you and your spouse want to do some gambling in sin city, four nights at the Venetian in Las Vegas, plus flights is $900.

No matter where you go, Alton has noticed you may find the best deal waiting 30 days before booking.

“In the past, we would advise, ‘You know what? You need to book this three months out.’ Now, I would say book within 30 days,” said Alton.

He also encourages you to be flexible, if you can.

“We may have to change your dates around a little bit, traveling midweek, may be your best bet,” said Alton.

He said when it comes to traveling in the U.S., make sure to check on closures, including at parks.

If you’re going out of the country, be aware of the COVID-19 protocols.

He also adds a positive of traveling is that many hotels have been able to do renovations in the last year, so there’s a chance you’ll stay in a fresh, upgraded room.

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