Test it Tuesday: Does this $5 mascara live up to all of the Tik-Tok hype?

HOUSTON – Long, thick lashes are in and a lot of mascaras promise to add the appearance of more length and volume. Step into a Sephora or an Ulta, and you can easily drop $30 on mascara. Yikes! Two low-cost mascaras are getting rave reviews online.

We wanted to know if they actually work.

Tik-Tok is teaming up with videos of women testing Maybelline’s Sky High mascara that costs $9 a tube and Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara that’s just $5.

We bought them both and asked KPRC 2 News meteorologist Britta Merwin to try them.

“What’s important to me is volume,” Britta said. “I love the look of fake lashes, but I do not have the patience or time to apply fake lashes. Any product that will give that look without actually going through the pain of doing it, I’m into that.”

The Test

Britta used the Maybelline Sky High mascara on her left eye and Lash Princess on her right eye. Right away, she noticed that her lashes looked longer with the Lash Princess product; but she really liked the way the Sky High mascara went on easily.

She went on air with each eye sporting a different product. While no viewers seemed to notice, Britta said she could tell a difference.

“I was blown away by how long my lashes looked,” Britta said of her lashes with Lash Princess on them. She said this product absolutely gave her the fake lash look. However, the Sky High mascara also impressed her.

“I really liked how this product looked. It made my eyes look very open,” she explained.

At the end of the day, she was able to remove both mascaras with her regular foaming cleanser. She didn’t need any extra eye make-up remover.

Her final verdict

“5 stars each,” she said. “I loved both of these products. I’m happy I get to keep both of these products, and I would purchase either one again.”

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