PHOTOS: 4 emaciated German shepherds rescued from home in southwest Houston possibly involved in dogfighting

Houston Humane Society (Houston Humane Society)

HOUSTON – The Houston Humane Society said it has rescued a family of four German shepherds as part of an animal cruelty case.

The dogs, which were found emaciated while suffering from extreme skin conditions and fungal infections, were found at a home located at 14700 Almeda Rd. after BARC Animal Control officers conducted a sweep of a local neighborhood near Fourth Ward. Authorities said they had received several complaints of stray dogs in the area.

Recognizing the severe conditions of the dogs, BARC transported the animals to the Houston Humane Society, where they have begun weeks-long medical treatment.

Houston Humane Society (Houston Humane Society)

Houston Humane Society medical staff evaluated the dogs and saw signs that motor oil was used to treat mange affecting the dogs, which can cause serious damage to an animal.

Houston Humane Society (KPRC 2)

The dogs were also found to have fungal infections in their ears, anemia, and open sores on the skin. Two of the dogs also suffer upper and bottom lip trauma, a potential indicator of dogfighting, the Humane Society said.

Houston Humane Society (Houston Humane Society)

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