Here’s what new CDC guidelines mean for local retail businesses

What new CDC guidelines mean for local businesses
What new CDC guidelines mean for local businesses

HOUSTON – As the CDC eases up on the COVID-19 guidelines, many Houston-area businesses are evaluating their mask policies.

Some retailers are forgoing masks for those who are fully vaccinated or making mask-wearing optional.

While others are not making changes yet.

Here is a round-up of statements from businesses:


“At this time, The Kroger Family of Companies continues to require everyone in our stores to wear masks. We are encouraging and incentivizing associate vaccinations by offering a $100 one-time payment to associates who receive the recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. As we have throughout the pandemic, we are reviewing current safety practices, the CDC’s latest guidance, and soliciting feedback from associates to guide the next phase of our policy. Additionally, we continue to encourage everyone to practice social distancing and frequent hand washing as well as consider the use of no-touch grocery delivery or low-contact grocery pickup.”


“We’re reevaluating our in-store mask policy based on the latest CDC guidance. The safety of our employees and customers will continue to guide our decision-making process.”